ANNOUNCE: LinkScan Checks for Broken Links & Produces SiteMaps

ANNOUNCE: LinkScan Checks for Broken Links & Produces SiteMaps

Post by Ken Churil » Thu, 06 Feb 1997 04:00:00

LinkScan Checks for Broken Links & Produces SiteMaps

Electronic Software Publishing Corporation (Elsop) today announced LinkScan,
the first and only commercially available linkchecker that operates on
UNIX servers. Designed to work on both internet and intranet servers,
LinkScan can test over 30,000 links per hour because it is the only link checker
that uses multi-threaded simultaneous processing. LinkScan also produces
two revolutionary types of maps of websites. LinkScan's SiteMap enables the
user to produce a site map that includes every link on a website arranged in a
hierarchical format that resembles a book's table of contents. LinkScan's TapMap
is an expandable and collapsible site map that allows viewers to tap down
the various and multiple levels of a website to quickly and easily navigate and
explore the website by tapping on a few control icons.

Elsop's LinkScan reports and SiteMaps may be viewed using any of the standard
Web browsers such as Netscape Navigator 1.2 and up, and Microsoft Internet
Explorer on any platform including Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Macintosh, and, of
course, UNIX. LinkScan can be used by virtually anyone because it is designed
to run on industry standard UNIX and Microsoft Windows NT web servers.

Free evaluation copies may be obtained at the above URL.
Only 80K download to get this software.
Easy to set up and use. Try it - you'll like it.

Kenneth Churilla
Electronic Software Publishing Corporation

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