NS Enterprise: how many hardware virtual servers / IPs per process?

NS Enterprise: how many hardware virtual servers / IPs per process?

Post by Marius Han » Tue, 17 Dec 1996 04:00:00


We want to build a site with 1000+ hardware servers (see definition in
the following). Netscape Enterprise 2.0 is one of the candidate
servers, however we have some reservations.


Newsgroups: netscape.server
Subject: Re: Enterprise 2.0: swap problem on 1,000 hosts sites?

Quote:> For TRUE virtual hosts, that is, virtual hosts with their own IP
> addresses, you need at least one process per virtual host at all times.

Maybe, but what do you mean by TRUE virtual hosts?  To have everything
completely independent, yes.  Enterprise Server has three seperate
virtual host implementations: multiple servers on one machine (which
is what the above refers to), software virtual servers (which use the
same IP address but different domain name and share everything but the
home page), and hardware virtual servers (which use different IP
addresses and different primary document directories but share the
process and some configuration stuff).  Will hardware virtual servers
work for you?

we can say that hardware servers as defined here would work for
us. However:

Would anyone know how many hardware virtual servers / IPs can a
Enterprise 2.0 server process support? Also, which are the hardware
resources (RAM, swap) required by a typical server process to run?

That will be quite important. I tried to find this at the Netscape
site, no luck. Any URLs or segments of the Enterprise docs (we don't
have them) mailed to me would help.

I heard something from Netscape sales about 5 IPs per process, but that
might not be the number we're talking about here. That will be quite
limiting for us.

Marius Hancu


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