Apache and www proxy server info wanted

Apache and www proxy server info wanted

Post by B.G. Mahe » Tue, 13 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Following is my environment,

SunOS: 4.1.4
hostname: mars
WWW Server: Apache 1.0.1

mars connects to my ISP and users on mars can browse the web.
I have two systems venus and earth connected to mars.
Users on earth and venus cannot directly browse the web, they
have to login to mars and then use a browser. Is there something
I can install on mars that will enable users on earth and venus
to use a browser directly? Heard that I have to install a proxy
server but wasn't sure if Apache already supported it.

Please respond by email.


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on my webserver I get on _ALL_ (!) virtual host(-IPs) proxy-request
on port 80 in the form

"GET http://somewhere.else/cgi-bin/bannerbin.cfg?47049920011 HTTP/1.0"

these are mostly cgi-bin-reguest, often to banner-ads.
does anyone else notice such requests on her/his weblogs ?

the requests are originated _FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD_ (.uu.net, .ru,
...), often dialup-accounts.

I started rejecting IP-addresses, but my real question is:

any clues/help appreciated.

Marc M.

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