How to run different JServ zones in separate JVMs

How to run different JServ zones in separate JVMs

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Apache 1.3.12 and Jserv 1.1 is running on Solaris 5.6 and is on the
same machine.
 Is it possible to run different JServ zones in separate JVMs using one
machine?  If the answer is yes, how?

Thank you in advance

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1. Running multiple time zones on different SP2 nodes.


     I am an admin with a 30 node IBM SP2 complex (AIX 4.3.3 and PSSP
3.2) for a multi national company.  We run SAP as our prime
application.  We are consolidating our international operations to our
US location.  We would like to run our European nodes with GMT (CUT),
our Asian nodes with Hong Kong time, and our US nodes with EDT/EST.
IBM tells me they do not support multiple time zones on different
nodes in an  SP complex.  We are running NTP on the nodes and synching
with our corporate time server.

        I'm currently running a test with one node set to GMT.  I looks to me
that NTP clocks to GMT time anyway.  I tested this my changing the
time forward a few minutes on the GMT node.  Ex.:   GMT time is 16:02
and EST/EDT time is 11:00.  After a short time NTP corrects this time
to bring the GMT node into sync with the other nodes, i.e., 16:10 GMT
and 11:10 EST/EDT.  NTP didn't try and sync the GMT node to the
EST/EDT time (5 hours different).

        Does anyone have any experience, hints, tips, documentation, web
sites that might help me understand the problems that might crop up if
I set 20 nodes to EST/EDT, 7 nodes to GMT and 3 to Hong Kong time?


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