Apache2 and LDAP

Apache2 and LDAP

Post by Saqib A » Wed, 21 Nov 2001 01:40:10

has anyone been able to enable ldap support in Apache2? Seems like
LDAP module comes with Apache2, but I havent been successful in

If anyone has done it, please share your experience and knowledge.


Saqib Ali


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I'm using SuSE Linux 8.1 with self-compiled versions of Apache2
(v2.0.43) and OpenLDAP 2.1  (v2.1.12).
I want Apache to take the user information out of the LDAP directory,
but he mozilla oder konqueror alway quit, because the user is not

The same thing worked well on another machine with apache 1.3
The syntax of the mod_auth_ldap module hasn't changed either, so I
guess it should work!

OpenLDAP is installed and configured correctly. Linux and Apache both
use posix account objects in the LDAP, and getting the user
information out of the LDAP for Linux does work well.
If I use the Yast2 LDAP Client, my Linux uses the LDAP directory just
like a NIS Server, and that works, as I said before, well.

It is just Apache2 who doesn't want to work!

Apache2 is compiled correctly with PHP, perl, mysql and LDAP support.

I will reply to this post immediately, if I am under Linux (using Win
right now!) and then I'll show you my config and my error msgs.

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