Apache 2, SSI inconsistency maybe from module order

Apache 2, SSI inconsistency maybe from module order

Post by mbconsult.. » Sat, 29 Jun 2002 07:32:33


Have used Apache 1.x versions for years, trying to get the latest version of 2.X
working with my site.  Server Side includes with 2.x seem to be a bit

I have it set up to parse all htm pages, since they all contain headers and
footers referenced via includes.

I can get server side includes working on ALL the pages except except the root
index.htm file (e.g. up at document root).

If I copy the root index.htm to another file same location, eg. test.htm they
work.  Also, index.htm lcoated at other levels below the root directory works
fine.  It just is not parsing the includes at the root level for that single
file called index.htm

relevant portions of my .conf file are:

<Directory "/wwwadmin/test_web_docs">

     Options Includes FollowSymLinks
        SetOutputFilter INCLUDES

        AllowOverride None
        order allow,deny
        allow from XXX
        deny from *


and later on....

AddType text/html .html
AddType text/html .htm
AddOutputFilter INCLUDES .htm

Could this effect be due to conflict or processing being intercepted by another


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some time ago i already posted a question about this without response...
so i try again...

there's a problem with the passing of SSI-variables from the apache API.

The problem is easily reproducible, as an example i take the counter module
wich produces a variable called URL_COUNTER (exported through a table_set
(r->subprocess_env, "URL_COUNTER", str); command)

this works only if the referenced page which is needing the SSI-variable is
referenced explicitely (http://my_host/my_page.html). If you use the
automatic expansion, (means you give the directora and the server looks for
a file called index.html...) no variables are passed on to the page.

How can i makt this work, and why does it fail?


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