Apache problem solved!

Apache problem solved!

Post by Shawn McMaho » Fri, 10 May 1996 04:00:00

Evidently, version 1.03 has a bug; despite my disallowing users to change
their options, the guy had his .htaccess file turning off ExecCGI.  I
didn't even think to check that since I had Override turned off.

Oh, well; I didn't really need to prevent them from overriding.  Ghu
knows, just letting them have CGIs in the first place is a huge security


1. Apache problem solved

I guess it was assumed, but for a newbie it isn't very obvious.

For apache to be able to read what is in a directory the directory must
have permissions set correctly... double duh....

but no one mentioned that the directory must have all users executable
(the third x in the ls -l command).

Well, again I thank the usenet community for saving me...

cuz i sure didn't find any of this out in a book...

... maybe i'm just blind....

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