Alpha release of NT support for the Apache web server

Alpha release of NT support for the Apache web server

Post by Brian Behlendor » Thu, 24 Jul 1997 04:00:00

In a first for the Apache Group, we are making available an experimental
version of the Apache web server which includes support for the Win32
API.  This has been tested fairly well on Windows NT 4.0, but should
work for Windows 95, and might even work for Windows NT 3.5. It is
available as SOURCE CODE ONLY, and requires Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0 to
compile.  Future releases will include binaries.

This is being called an "alpha" because we have not frozen the feature
set or API for 1.3, and will likely add things or change things around.
We do want to see people try this out, and in particular, comment upon
the NT implementation details.

Also included in this release is experimental support for ISAPI,
Microsoft's specification for server-side functionality.  In particular
we implement ISAPI "extensions", but not ISAPI "filters". Also, modules
outside the "core set" are compiled as .dll's, and can be loaded or
unloaded at runtime based on directives in the configuration files.

There are some other new features provided in 1.3, such as regular
expression support for more directives, all-around performance
enhancements, an improved directory indexing module, a "magic
number"-based module for assigning MIME types, and a child_init phase of
the Apache API.  The NT support is the primary motivation for this early

If you are a developer proficient in Windows NT who wishes to contribute


 The Apache Group,