Problems with NCSA 'DocFinder' under NCSA HTTPd 1.5

Problems with NCSA 'DocFinder' under NCSA HTTPd 1.5

Post by Francois Seur » Wed, 13 Dec 1995 04:00:00

After a successful installation of the NCSA search tool 'Doc Finder' (with
freeWAIS 0.4) under CERN HTTPd 3.0, I tried to run it under NCSA HTTPd 1.5
(both under under Solaris 2.4).
Now there is a problem: Calling 'Doc Finder' with a WWW browser always results
in "SEARCH FOR [...] - No documents found" although running it directly in a
UNIX shell with the same search keywords returns several documents found.

If anybody has an idea where the problem might be, then please send an email

Thanks a lot


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We have NCSA HTTPd NCSA/1.5.0a running as a web server.
Here's the question:

        I have a CGI script that accepts a file from
        the user using Netscape's fileupload feature.
        Then I fork a new child process in background
        to convert the file into PDF format since it
        may take from 10sec to 1min.

        However, after the parent process finished,
        Netscape is still connected to the server as
        if it still waiting for more output.

        But, the above does not happen in NCSA HTTPd NCSA/1.5.1.

        Is there a directive in httpd.conf or somewhere else
        where I can make 1.5.0a act like 1.5.1.

Thank you very much.

Raymond Yu

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