Problems with virtual host

Problems with virtual host

Post by Ignas SALTI » Sat, 25 Apr 1998 04:00:00


I am running: Server version Apache/1.1.3

I would like to configure virtual host based on
name. I added foloeing lines to httpd.conf


DocumentRoot /usr/local/httpd/htdocs
ErrorLog /www/logs/www-error.log
TransferLog /www/logs/www-access.log

My primary server works fine, but virtual host
give response

You don't have permission to access / on this

I have changed permisions to 777 for

What coud be a problem.

Thank You in advance.



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Hi, my apache server is 1.3.1
        I try to use Name-based Virtual Hosts , we have a server which has 2 alias (CNAME) and
        I read the doc "Virtual Host examples for common setups " and try to
apply to my situation one IP address and 2 names.


DocumentRoot /apache/www

DocumentRoot /apache/www/domain2
I put nothing about virtual host in the srm.conf.

When i start apache, i have:
./apachectl start
VirtualHost configuration:      is a NameVirtualHost
                       default server
                       port 80 namevhost
                       port 80 namevhost
./apachectl start: httpd started
So the namevirtualhost seems to work, everything is fine with the
domain1 but the domain2 has problems with the first page.

When i try with netscape 4 the url, i got the index.html
of the domain1 but not the images, because the images are search in the
documentroot of domain2.

When i try everything is fine.

When i try with a client running on everything is

????? any idea...

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