Fastrack file permissions

Fastrack file permissions

Post by Pete Hawkin » Tue, 18 Nov 1997 04:00:00


It is possible to configure Netscape FastTrack to run with a specific umask
value? I'm using CGI progs on unix that appear to create files using the
system default permissions (770), whereas I want to only create mode 550
files. I guess I could tweak my CGI prog to do the right thing, but wonder
if there's something I could do with one of FastTrack's config files to
achieve the desired result.




1. How to reset permissions on file with no read permissions


I have rather stupidly set a file on a hosted web site to have no read
permissions (Owner, Group or Public)  I did this using CHMOD in
Cuteftp.  Unfortunately, I can't now put them back.  I still have
Write permissions but they don't help.  The file doesn't show up in
Cuteftp, or in Internet Explorer FTP or in Windows command line FTP

I cannot delete it or CHMOD it by name and I cannot delete the
directory in which it lives.

It shows up in Internet Explorer if I browse to the http directory,
but I can't do anything with it there.

Any suggestions?


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