Not able to run Apache-SSL. Please help.

Not able to run Apache-SSL. Please help.

Post by Thomas Schreib » Sun, 18 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I've compiled apache-SSL 1.0.1 and SSLeay-0.4.5b on FreeBSD 2.1.
Running the test produces this error from 'verify':

    error 9 at 1:certificate has expired

Nevertheless, I have started the server. But Netscape
refuses to connect and in the error_log I see this message:

    error:15019001 lib(21) func(25) reason(short read)

OK, I suppose that has to do with a missing certificate. My

- Isn't it possible to run apache-SSL without a certificate?
- I don't know much about all this administrative stuff behind SSL.
  From the docs I could not figure out how to help myself.
  Can anyone give me a pointer where to find an explanation what
  to do to get apache-SSL run?
- Is a certificate from Verisign necessary to run it as a
  secure server?


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