Passing client IP address thru reverse mod_proxy

Passing client IP address thru reverse mod_proxy

Post by Daniel Monte » Thu, 16 Jan 2003 02:43:15

  I have set up Apache 2.0.43 with mod_proxy as a reverse proxy in
front of my application server (Sybase EAServer 4.1.3).
  Now I need to send an additional request header with each request to
my app server telling the client IP address that will be used for its
logging purposes.
  I know that mod_proxy set X-Forwarded-For with the exact datum I
need, but I need the header to be
  - instead of -

Can this request header name be copied or renamed so it reaches my
application server with the name of "sybaseredirectorclient".

Thanks in advance,
Daniel Montero
SOIN Costa Rica
tel +506 204-7151 ext 134


1. How to pass IP/SEC data thru ipchains -- assistance appreciated

I have a Linux box running Redhat 2.2.12 acting as a firewall/router for
a small home network. I have a simple ipchain setup as the firewall.
All has been perfect but now I need to allow my wife to connect with her
office using the corporate VPN software. I have been doing the same
thing with our VPN software (Aventail) and that software works fine
going through the Linux Box.

The VPN software her company uses does not work with the Linux
box in place. If I connect the DSL line directly to the Win 98 box she
is using the VPN software works fine, but my Linux firewall prevents
it from working.

The help desk for her "remote connection" package said that it used
security protocols 50 and 51 and that many DSL providers do not
support IP/SEC. (This theory was proposed before I bypassed my
Linux box.) Evidently they are using IP/SEC which my firewall blocks
and the software used by my company simply uses and encrypted
data stream over TCP/IP.

RFC 1700 shows:
  protocol 50 SIPP-ESP "SIPP encapsulated security payload"
  protocol 51 SIPP-AH  "SIPP authentication header"

I would like to get this running, and I'll quickly admit to having little
expertise with ipchains. I set them up with some assistance from someone
more knowledgeable and thought that all was working fine until this latest
problem appeared. Any help at getting this passed through would be
most appreciated.

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