apache cookie log tools ?

apache cookie log tools ?

Post by Robert Steppache » Fri, 30 May 1997 04:00:00

Hi I run apache on solaris, and I would like to know what folks are
doing with the standard apache cookie logs.  I use (and really like)
analog for my access, error, and referer logs.  I want to know if
somthing good exists for the cookie logs.
Is there any other cookie mod out their that I should know about ?
TIA, robert steppacher


1. Can you log specific cookies with Apache %{cookie}i log format?


Just wanted to know if it is possible to limit the returned \"%{cookie}i \"
string in our custom logfile to only show the "Apache=" cookie rather than
all the cookies set for the current servers domain. We are comparing the
\"%{set-cookie}o\" server response to the browser set-cookie request to
identify browsers who have turned off cookies. Logging other cookies not set
directly by Apache seems a waste of disk space. Is there an alternative
other than fiddling with the mod_log_config code?

Any clues much appreciated.


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