Apache 1.3.x: What headers are added just before response is sent?

Apache 1.3.x: What headers are added just before response is sent?

Post by Dan Wilg » Thu, 21 Dec 2000 01:37:05

Quote:> Here is a snippet of text from the Apache 1.3.12 online documentation:

> "The Header directives are processed just before the response is sent
> by its handler. These means that some headers that are added just
> before the response is sent cannot be unset or overridden. This
> includes headers such as "Date" and "Server". "

If you're using a CGI script to generate the headers, then only Date, Server,
and "Connection: close" are added. You can confirm this by using a script like

  print "Status: 200\nContent-type: text/plain\n\nBoo!";

and then connect to your server with:

  telnet <hostname> 80
  GET /path-to-cgi-program-above HTTP/1.0

(be sure to hit return twice at the end)

Unless you have other modules installed that I don't, you'll see that the only
headers returned are exactly what was used in the script (Status gets
modified), plus the ones I listed.

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Apache 1.3.x: What headers are added just before response is sent?

Post by Nick K » Thu, 21 Dec 2000 06:47:42

Quote:> I'm going to guess that Date: and Server: are untouchable[1], and
> [1] Unless you hack the source. ;)

Or use nph-cgi, or mod_asis, or ...

(Haven't tried it recently, but Apache will also happily serve up
multiple instances of a header like Server: if provoked).

Nick Kew

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The following Apache 1.3.20 code in ap_send_http_header() always
generates a Content-Type message header, even when the response to to
have no body:

    if (r->byterange > 1)
        ap_table_setn(r->headers_out, "Content-Type",
                  ap_pstrcat(r->pool, "multipart", use_range_x(r) ?
"/x-" : "/",
                          "byteranges; boundary=", r->boundary,
    else ap_table_setn(r->headers_out, "Content-Type",

I would think that a Content-Type message header should not be
included in a response that has no body.  Is this a known problem in

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