(Newbie Question) Hardware recommendations for Unix server?

(Newbie Question) Hardware recommendations for Unix server?

Post by Pacific Enviromental Servic » Fri, 14 Jul 1995 04:00:00

I see all these advanced subjects being discussed here...and here I am with a
simple question (which may not have a simple answer).  

We are thinking of becoming a WWW server.  Curerntly we do not have any unix
machines in house.  There's a lot of them out there.  What should I be
considering when choosing a unix box for my  server?  Is any by far better
than the rest?  Do I need e.g. a Sun "Workstation" or a Sun "Server"?

Do I need to consider NT options? Or is the power of Unix outweighs NT as far
as running a WWW server? ....


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