CERN HTTPD 3.0A , still having zombies !?

CERN HTTPD 3.0A , still having zombies !?

Post by Frederik Lindbe » Mon, 29 Jul 1996 04:00:00

: hi,

: What are zombie's anyway ?!
Remnants of child processes that have finished. Don't know
exactly how it works, but I think the parent is supposed to
'wait' on them. Anyway - they use (essentially) no resources
and can safely be ignored.

Sincerely, Fred

Frederik Lindberg
Infectious Diseases, Washington University
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CERN HTTPD 3.0A , still having zombies !?

Post by Kristof D'Hulste » Mon, 29 Jul 1996 04:00:00


I've just installed CERN HTTPD 3.0A which is the latest I think !.

I hoped I would solve the problem of the Zombie processes i have, mostly
3 - 4 of them.

This is what i see with 'top' :
        (httpd) <zombie> <zombie> <zombie>

They go away if the http is not used, That's an improvement over
previous versions .

What are zombie's anyway ?!

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1. Was I asleep when CERN/W3C httpd release 3.0A came out? says that 3.0A was 'generated' on
the 15th July.

I may have been asleep but I can't remember seeing an announcement
anywhere about this.

Also, having woken up, I can't find any documentation of the bug
fixes and enhancements that have been included.  Can anybody
enlighten me?

Many thanks,


P.S. One thing I have found out - it is now possible to specify
URLs for error response documents (in fact any response from what
I can make out).

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