user and password on Netscape Enterprise Server 2

1. how to change login password as a user to Netscape Enterprise Server?


I am upgrading to the Netscape Enterprise Server from the Commerce Server.

In the Commerce Server, there is a script under ../extras/database which
allows the users to change their own login password.  There doesn't seem
to be one for the Netscape Enterprise Server, although the README file
does make references to one (changepw.cgi and the associated .html).

My question is that what is the proper way for users to change their login
password that is associated with their id when going against the
Enterprise Server?  

Another thing, is there a way to age passwords (that is, force password
change once every, say, 30 days).  One more thing, is there a way the server
can track how many attempts were made to log into the webserver, and lockout
the account after, say, 5 incorrect passwords?

I can't find any documentation on this topic in the Administrator's Guide.
Would appreciate any pointers.  TIA.

Frank Hsia

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