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This's a question for all the apache users:
What's the very first function that read (phisically I mean) an HTML file
before sending it to the server?

Even better:

What's the very first function that parses the so called "server side

Just for knowledge:

It's possible to disable the proxy chaching for a single page ?
(I mean by manipulating something on the page)

P.S.    If someone would answer: Please send a copy of the answer directly to
        my e-mail.

Thaks in advance....

have a nice day bye.... TuX!

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1. apache module with pthread library linked crashes Apache 1.3.12 on RedHat Linux 6.2

A simple module just by linking pthread library
crashes apache 1.3.12 server,
i.e  httpd doesn't comes up.

This happens on RedHat 6.2 Linux.

any idea on apache module which links pthread library
for apache1.3.12 is appreciated.

steps to reproduc the problem:

downloaded apache_1.3.12.tar.gz on a RedHat 6.2 Linux machine.

compiled and installed with

#configure --enable-shared=max --enable-module=most \
#export PATH=/usr/local/apache/bin:$PATH
#apxs -g -i -n testMod
#cd testMod
apxs -c    mod_testMod.c
-I../lib/expat-lite -fpic -DSHARED_MODULE
-I/usr/local/apache/include  -c mod_testMod.c
gcc -shared -o mod_testMod.so mod_testMod.o
#rm mod_testMod.so
#gcc -shared -o mod_testMod.so mod_testMod.o -lpthread
#make install
#/usr/local/apache/sbin/apactrl start

httpd dossn't comes up.


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