Netscape Gold 3.01 and Apache 1.2b1

Netscape Gold 3.01 and Apache 1.2b1

Post by Gottardo Zanca » Sat, 07 Dec 1996 04:00:00

Hi to everybody - i've just installed the version 1.2b1 of Apache and tried
to user Netscape Gold 3.01 to edit and publish some html file.
Unfortunately I always got the same message

   Error 403

   Method PUT is disabled on this server

using both http or ftp as publishing method.

Is there something i forgot to setup or Netscape is not yet compatible with
the new apache version ?

Thank a lot for Your help.

Gottardo "ZAK" Zancani


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library is in my /usr/X11R6/lib/ directory.  Any help with this
would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance...

        Zdenek Niederle
        Department of Computing Science

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