"malformed header" error (Apache 1.0/SCO) ?

"malformed header" error (Apache 1.0/SCO) ?

Post by David Byr » Wed, 17 Jan 1996 04:00:00

I've recently compiled Apache 1.0.0 under SCO 3.4.2. The system was previously
running 0.6.5, and existing CGI programs in C are not running under the new
service. The error_log contains the message:

[Tue Jan 16 13:41:56 1996] access to /w/cgi-bin/srch failed for dbyrne.aba
soft.co.uk, reason: malformed header from script

I've run the program from the command line, and the output is as expected:

Content: text/html




This all appears valid, and the same cgi progs compiled on a Sun running
Solaris 2.4 work fine with the 1.0.0 Server, so it looks like a SCO problem.
When the cgi program exits, it is as a result of a failed select(2) call,
which it doesn't do under 0.6.5. The number of SpareServers/MaxServers etc
does not affect the problem.

The cgi progs are all called from URLs, no SSI involved.
Has anyone seen this or have any ideas ?


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"malformed header" error (Apache 1.0/SCO) ?

Post by Patrick McMan » Fri, 19 Jan 1996 04:00:00

>[Tue Jan 16 13:41:56 1996] access to /w/cgi-bin/srch failed for dbyrne.aba
>soft.co.uk, reason: malformed header from script

>I've run the program from the command line, and the output is as expected:

>Content: text/html

Should be::>  Content-type: text/html (two crlfs)

Also you could be generating an error message because of difference in
env. variables or permissions when run from shell as opposed to as a
cgi. If the err comes out before the content line the malformed header
response is a common one. I'd suggest moving the MIME indicator to the
first thing in your ap for debugging purposes if it isn't already there.


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