Q: Apache 2.0 // mod_proxy

Q: Apache 2.0 // mod_proxy

Post by Rainer Scher » Mon, 21 Jan 2002 23:26:21


will apache 2.0 mod_proxy support proxy authetification?
(Authetification not only via IP  (allow/deny), but also
per username  (require ...)?

apache 1.3 seems not to support user authentification in some

Do other proxies than the MS-Proxy/MS-ISA support user
proxy authentification? If yes, I'm looking for a unix (Solaris
or Linux) based program.

Any pointer to any information regarding this problem is welcome.
Tnx for help in advance.

cu Rainer


1. mod_proxy in apache 2.0

Just read in the ApacheWeek newsletter...

mod_proxy is one of the advantages over MS-IIS servers.
You can hide several servers (using ProxyPass/Reverse) into a single

IMO mod_proxy offers more than a proxy server, so it may also needed
for standard webservices...

cu - rainer

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