no "Content-type" sent for CERN proxied FTP URLs?

no "Content-type" sent for CERN proxied FTP URLs?

Post by Lance Slo » Mon, 20 May 1996 04:00:00

I'm using CERN httpd v3.0 as a proxy server with the basic configuration as
shown in their examples.  The client is Netscape v2.02 on a Mac.  When
Netscape requests an FTP URL through the proxy server, it doesn't do the
right thing with the file.  That is, if I use Netscape without a proxy
server and request a .hqx file via an FTP URL, the appropriate helper
application is loaded.  However, if I request the same URL through the
proxy server, it is just shown as text in the client, with MIME type

My question is, naturally, how can I get Netscape or the proxy server
to do the right thing with FTP URLs?  It seems like the client should
react the same way to the document whether or not it came through a
proxy server.

I'd appreciate it if those who reply would also email me a copy of their
response so that I will notice them sooner!



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