wierd stuffs in proxy log file and back end server log file

wierd stuffs in proxy log file and back end server log file

Post by Jenn » Sat, 11 Aug 2001 04:54:56

OH, folks,

I have 5 apache 1.3.19 under linux totally. One is for proxy and 4
others are backend servers.

I have for instance, over 400 requests concurrently sending from 4
different clients to the proxy.

 Sometimes, the proxy log file has the error messages like:
Connection refused: proxy connect to xxx (IP of a backend server) port
80 failed. or sometimes, it is not port 80, it is port 8 or 808,
something like that. But I do not have these port number in my rewrite
engine or in the conf file. I only deal with 8080. It seems that it
only happens when it deals with large concurrent requests.

Also, in the backend server, sometimes, it will say: file not exist:
/serverroot/apache/htdocs/some wierd string /somefile exists .
Definitely it is not found since it adds some wierd string in the
middle. Those wierd strings seem to be some substring from the
request,for instance, http://xxx. It does not always happens.

Can anyone tells me what is going on? Thanks



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