.htaccess with cgi forms on Apache

.htaccess with cgi forms on Apache

Post by Dean Sha » Wed, 17 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Ok, here's the problem. I have a .htaccess file in my CGI directory and
it works fine when I type in the url to any of the CGI programs, but if
I access a CGI program through a form the authentication will not work.
It prompts the user for the user name and password but won't let them
access the program. How is accessing it by a form using the POST method
any different form accessing it directly?
                                                Aaron Voisine

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I'm having some problems with authentication for
Apache (both 1.0.2 and 1.1b4) using the .htaccess mechanism and
and was hoping someone could tell me what the fix is.

I have a cgi-script generated form (method=post)  whose action is
another cgi-script. Both are in the same directory which requires
authentication. When I open the first script, I'm prompted for a login
and password. I enter it correctly and fill out my form and submit
the values. At this point, I get an "Authorization Failed" window.
When I try to re-enter the login and password, they no longer seem
to work. However, I can access the second cgi file directly....as long
as I don't go through the first cgi-form.

The above occurs with Apache 1.0.2. With version 1.1b4, I don't get
the "AuthorizationFailed" message, instead I get a Server Error message.

The cgi scripts are written in tcl. Interestingly, Apache 1.1b4 seems
to choke on the statement:

    set name $env(REMOTE_USER)

where the REMOTE_USER is supposed to be set by the authentication
procedure. However, I'm not sure what the situation is for Apache 1.0.2.

Any enlightenment on this problem would be appreciated. I've wasted an
entire day on this sillyness! arrrghhhh!!!

thanks in advance.

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