NS Ent 3.01 Software virtual servers

NS Ent 3.01 Software virtual servers

Post by Ken Tab » Wed, 14 Jan 1998 04:00:00

I'm trying to set up software virtual servers in Netscape Enterprise
Server 3.01 on AIX 4.1.5.

I've done what the online html help tells you using the remote admin
tool, and have set the virtual server 'wibble' to be in a subdirectory
of the server document directory called 'wibble', with the homepage as
'wibble/home.html'. I then set up the CNAME 'wibble' on the DNS server.
This works fine - I've set up several software virtual servers like this
and their home pages all work by simply typing in the appropriate server
URL (eg. 'http://wibble.myCompany.com/'. However, in all cases, the
links from these virtual server pages do not point to its own subfolder
- they instead point to the 'real' server's document directory. Yet the
online manual says that the virtual server can be self-contained in it's
own subdirectory...

In other words, if I've installed an Enterprise server
'www.myCompany.com' with document directory '/myHtmlPages/www', and then
install the software virtual server 'wibble.myCompany.com' with homepage
'/myHtmlPages/www/wibble/home.html', then links from wibble's homepage
link into '/myHtmlPages/www' not '/myHtmlPages/www/wibble'. I can of
course force it to link back into the wibble directory by making all of
the links '/myHtmlPages/www/wibble/page2.html' instead of just
'page2.html', but this is rather inelegant, firstly because it requires
me to remember this all of the time, and secondly because this causes a
client to see 'wibble.myCompany.com/wibble/page2.html' in their URL
field, rather than the more elegant 'wibble.myCompany.com/page2.html'.

Has anyone else had this problem, and if so how do you fix it?
Thanks in advance,


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Just wrote a small application in ServerSide Javascript (livewire) where I
check the SERVER.HOST property to configure some things.

    i.e., if you access http://foo.bar.com, server.host returns foo.bar.com
          if you access http://baz.bar.com, it SHOULD return baz.bar.com

If I configure NS to use HARDWARE VIRTUAL servers, whether you hit foo.bar.com
or baz.bar.com, server.host returns foo.bar.com.

The only way to defeat this bug is if I setup seperate servers via the
Administration interface.

I have to setup 35 such servers and besides the wasted space and memory, the
biggest downside I have is that when I recompile my app, I have to restart 35
bloody applications by hand.

Anyone know what I can use to get the proper virtual servername the user is
accessing via HARDWARE virtual servers?


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