LinkScan 2.0 Released - Test links & Creates Site Maps

LinkScan 2.0 Released - Test links & Creates Site Maps

Post by Ken Churil » Sat, 29 Mar 1997 04:00:00

                 LinkScan 2.0 Released

Gardnerville, NV - March 20, 1997 - Electronic Software Publishing
Corporation (Elsop) today announced the release of LinkScan 2.0. This
release incorporates many new features and capabilities directed at
maintaining the quality of very large intranet and internet web sites. A
comment from a beta tester who is the webmaster of a major university
website tells much of the story:

"We have approximately 45,000 pages totalling roughly 120,000
links (both internal and external). LinkScan 2.0 used about eight times
less total virtual memory than LinkScan 1.1 and the run time was
significantly reduced. We are talking about a third as much time to
complete the job."

LinkScan's developers restructured the program to dramatically reduce the
virtual memory requirements while scanning very large websites. Since the
release of LinkScan 1.1, the scalability of LinkScan has been increased
by an order of two magnitudes over other link checkers. A benchmark test
proved that LinkScan can now check over 40,000 external URL's per hour
running on a small (32 MB RAM) Pentium 90 Unix server.

Another beta tester, a webmaster at one of the world's largest computer
manufacturers summed up his impression of LinkScan 2.0 in one word:

"  *** Brilliant ***

I now have LinkScan 2.0 up and running and it is going through the site
like greased lightning. I'm going to spend a few days 'playing' with the
product to see if it does everything I want (or if I can break it :-)."

He hasn't "broken" it yet. And our developers added more features to
make sure that LinkScan does everything users want. These include:

Improved Multi-Site Manager to simplify the testing of partial websites
and or sub-sites. This makes it extremely easy to test part of a web
site. This means, for example, that organizations with Intranet servers
hosting hundreds of "Sections" maintained by different individuals
can quickly scan specific selected Sections on the server.

We enhanced the support for proxy servers at the request of several customers
with large internal networks and stringent security requirements.
It gives the system administrators much more flexibility when integrating
LinkScan into complex Intranet environments.

We also enhanced the LinkScan SiteMap/TapMap Customization features
so that users can more easily and quickly create publication
quality roadmaps of their sites. A LinkScan SiteMap greatly assist users
in navigating their way around a large and/or complex website. It is also
an excellent tool for webmasters to review the overall site design and
structure and reveals inadequate or inaccurate page titles.

Other enhancements include the incorporation of a Target option to
simplify the creation of SiteMaps and TapMaps in Frames and support for
Redirector CGI's. The documentaion for LinkScan 2.0 has also been restructured
to allow for rapid access to any section and quick reference to supporting

We are continuing to work with very large intranet and internet site developers
in both large commercial and academic organizations to provide them with
the best tools for maintaining the quality and integrity of their sites.

LinkScan is the only link checker that uses multi-threaded simultaneous
processing. LinkScan also produces two revolutionary types of maps of websites.
LinkScan's SiteMap enables the user to produce a site map that includes every
link on a website arranged in a hierarchical format that resembles a book's
table of contents. LinkScan's TapMap is an expandable and collapsible site map
that allows viewers to tap down through the various and multiple levels of a
website to quickly and easily navigate and explore the website by tapping on a
few control icons.

For more details on the functions, features and benefits of LinkScan see our
previous press release at this URL:

Elsop's LinkScan reports and SiteMaps may be viewed using any of the standard
Web browsers such as Netscape Navigator 1.2 and up, and Microsoft Internet
Explorer on any platform including Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Macintosh, and, of
course, Unix. LinkScan can be used by virtually anyone because it is designed
to run on industry standard Unix and Microsoft Windows NT web servers.


Free evaluation copies of LinkScan may be downloaded from the company's website
at: LinkScan 2.0 is available now, but only through the
company's website. The download is about 110K bytes. Licenses for government
agencies; or commercial enterprises with more than three (3) employees
(including officers) or over $200,000 a year in gross income or are
incorporated are $495.00 each. Licenses for charitable non-profit
organizations; or educational institutions (K-12, junior college,
college, or library); or individuals for personal use are $49.95 each.
A license is required for each server on which the product is used.


Founded in January, 1997, privately-held Electronic Software Publishing
Corporation is based in Gardnerville, Nevada. Elsop's mission is to provide the
most advanced high-quality software for the maintenance, quality assurance
and management of large scale intranet and internet websites.

Ken Churilla
Electronic Software Publishing Corporation