NEWBIE - Server Connection Speeds

NEWBIE - Server Connection Speeds

Post by geoff.o.. » Sat, 11 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Apologies for posting to a UNIX group - I can't seem to find an
appropriate group for my question:

I'm confused by the different connections that servers have to the net
-  DS3, T3 and so on.  Preusmably, some are faster and therefore
better for hosting than others?  Can anyone give me a run down?

Any help appreciated.



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I have Caldera OpenBase 1.1 installed and operating fairly well. Still
learning my way around with "Running Linux" and "the Bible". The biggest
problem I've had (so far) is:

I have enabled ppp to my isp with a USR 28.8 external but am having
little success in maintaining a speed of more than 1.2k per second and
in a lot of cases I get a stall when viewing pages or downloading via
ftp...I have add this to my rc.local file: /sbin/setserial /dev/cua1
spd_vhi with no apparent effect.

Is there something else I should be configuring to make the best of my
connection?  Also, NetScape 3.01 will sometimes just close with no
warning or ill effects. Mail is fairly fast and news is not too good.

I'm also nearly clueless on installing binaries. I can gunzip/untar
-xvf, etc. but have no clue what happens from that point, how to find
the app, how to put it on the desktop, etc. Usually, I can find it and
run it but there must be something else to read about to explain what I
need to do.


Bob - A Wannabe after 13 years with M$oft

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