Multiple web sites on a single server

Multiple web sites on a single server

Post by sad » Sat, 17 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Hello -
I work for an educational agency who currently has a AIX 250 machine as
a web server and domain name server.  As common with all educational
agencies, our funding is limited to none and I serve as the "one of one"
internet person from 8:00 to 12:00 P.M each night after my normal work
is done.

Currently our domain is registered with the Internic, however we would
like to add several domains for school districts to our server rather
than assigning them a directory.  I have asked the ISP's but have not
gotten anywhere.

Question #1 - I am sure it can be done, who would I contact to register

Question #2 - What will I need to do on my server to setup the
additional domains?

Any help would be greatly appreciated..
If you could e-mail please as my news access is very limited.  Thanks



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