apache non-IP based hosting + meta-tags

apache non-IP based hosting + meta-tags

Post by Jim Robert » Tue, 18 Nov 1997 04:00:00


    We've been experimenting with apache non-IP based virtual hosting,
it appears that "meta-tags" are not seen by search engine robots and
We've tested this with a utility found here:


A page containing meta-tags works fine if it's on an IP-based site, but
moved to a non-IP based format, no meta-tags are found...

Do search engine robots not use http 1.1 ?
Is apache doing some kind of redirect that confuses the robot?
Is there an FAQ on problems with non-IP (name based) virtual hosting?
I'd like
    the pros and cons of using this method...

Any help is appreciated.

Jim Roberts


1. Apache server config for non IP based virtual host

Hi all,

I'm having a few problems configuring the server for the desired
behavior.  Here is what I want.

I'd like to have the actual machine name just obselete.

I'd like one of the virtual hosts be the main servers name.  Like when
you use ~user that name comes up no matter what domain name you put in
the URL.  Also, I'd like when you do a ~user you can get a directory
listing.  Right now it is just forbidden.  But I can get a dir listing
when I use a dir in the server root.

I'd like all other virtual hosts just to be stuck in their own area
specified in the config file.

I've got everything pretty much the way I want it except I can't figure
out the dir listing problems.  It's rather important I get that to
worng..  Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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