cataloging on NS Enterprise 3.01

cataloging on NS Enterprise 3.01

Post by Doug Geist » Sat, 25 Oct 1997 04:00:00

... on Digital Unix 4.0b

I've just finished installed the Enterprise server 3.01 and would like
to manuallly run a catalog. Once that's done, I''ll be scheduling the
server to run the catalog automatically.

I've set up configure with my doc root, put in the servers user name and
password, clicked OK.

If I click on manually control,  click start,  it asks for a password
required. Not sure what password it's looking for since the field says
None, but it doesn't seem to matter what's in that field because the end
result is the same.

I  click on Run, and it states, https-server:   robot started

        The robot has started up.

There's no other action on the screen. For example, no meteor showers
going on in the Netscape window.

Now, according to the manual, it says that I can just click on Status to
see what's going on. Well, I have to  click on Manually Control in order
to do that. If I click on status, it gives me a table, and at the top of
the table, it says Robot not running. Ok, I suppose I can accept this if
I get out of the Robot Started screen to check the status, but how do
you restart it again! Also, the documentation which has an image of what
the screen is too look like, also says, Robot not running. Help!

Also, I've looked in my catatlog directory, and there are files that
have a corresponding date and time as to when the catalog/robot started.
But, if I go and look at those html files, nothing has been catalogged.
Am I doing something wrong or is this thing just broken?

Any help would be very much appreciated.



3M Health Information Systems
Wallingford, CT. USA