POST fails , Limit POST needs 'require' ?

POST fails , Limit POST needs 'require' ?

Post by Peter Apian-Bennewit » Tue, 29 Apr 1997 04:00:00

Dear apachees,
sorry if this is FAQ, but I haven't found it there or in BUGS:
Apache runs fine, except POSTing of forms, which fail with:

'the requested method POST is not allowed for the URL /'

Obviously there's a <Limit POST> missing, but adding
        <Directory  /www/ise>
        <Limit POST>
        Order allow,deny
        Allow from all
        AllowOverride None
        Options None
        #AuthType Basic
        #AuthName WISA-OFO
        #AuthUserFile /usr/local/apache/httpd/conf/WISA-OFO-Passwords
        #require vaild-user
works if and only if the 'require' directive is added. I would think
that the above code should allow POST access for all if no 'require'
is given.
I'm quite sure that the directory and other parameters are ok, since
with 'require' I'm asked for user validation. '' resides
in /www/ise .



 Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems, D-79100 Freiburg


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