Netscape Commerce 2.0 .nsconfig problems

Netscape Commerce 2.0 .nsconfig problems

Post by Stephen Msugrav » Thu, 10 Oct 1996 04:00:00

I am just beginning to use the Netscape Commerce 2.0 server and am
trying to set-up the .nsconfig file for a directory.  I have followed
the FAQ regarding this topic on the Netscape Web Page to no avail.  

I have added a user in the "default" user database and have created the
.nsconfig file in the directory that I want to protect.  The file looks
like this:

RestrictAcces type=allow dns=*
RequireAuth dbm=default realm=Some Place userlist=joe userpat=joe

Is this set-up right?  

When I setup the user in the database I killed and then restarted the
server and I got an error message.  When I
went the server as a client to test the new .nsconfig file, i got an
Error message:

Unable to start a java applet:  Can't find "" in your
CLASSPATH.  Read the release notes and install "" properly
before restarting...

I know this error has made my java applet that i have on the page
disfunctional, but will this error affect my .nsconfig file?  is this
giving me the problem or is this unrelated?


thanks much!

Stephen Musgrave