Special response for HTTP/1.0 reqs in Apache?

Special response for HTTP/1.0 reqs in Apache?

Post by Alan J. Flavel » Thu, 28 Oct 1999 04:00:00

> GET / HTTP/1.0<CR><CR>

> a unique doc would be sent (where I could place a message saying
> we want HTTP/1.1 compatible browsers only).  :-)

I think you may be confused.  Sending a Host: header is both legal and
useful in HTTP/1.0, and many clients have been doing it for years now;
if that's all that you're trying to get, then you'll be pointlessly
turning away a large fraction of users by insisting on an HTTP/1.1

Just configure your first virtual host entry to be none of the Host:
names that you want to support.  That entry will then be used whenever
a call is made without a Host header, and you can send them whatever you
want to send them.

Review the Apache virtual host tutorial for details.


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I have setup an apache proxy, which seems to work fine. But, I found
out that it doesn't not answer back http/1.1 with a http/1.1 response.
The request comes in as 1.1, but the proxy answer back with 1.0. Is
there some special configuration I need to set in httpd.conf for it
to answer with a 1.1 response?

When I send traffic to the backend machine it will answer with a 1.1
response just fine. We are using the same version of apache for both
the proxy and actual backend server.

Any hints as to what I'm missing? Thanks.


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