SSLeay and 128-bit encryption key

SSLeay and 128-bit encryption key

Post by Richard Robinso » Tue, 10 Nov 1998 04:00:00


How do I create a 128-bit encryption key for myself? I've tried using -des
and -des3 and -idea on my test certificate, but my certificate is always
showing a key with 40-bit.

I'm in the US, download rsaref-2.0 from the U.S.-only site. I've followed
the mod_ssl docs to the T and then some. But I can't get a 128-bit encrypted
key. Any thoughts?

(I've built Apache 1.3.3 with mod_ssl -- all works fine, on Linux)

-- Richard Robinson


1. 128-bit encryption using 40-bit browsers?

Hi, folks, someone just told me that both Netscape and Microsoft have
already embeded 128-bit technology in their 40-bit browsers, so we can
force the transmission of data using 128-bit encryption on the
server side even when the customers are using 40-bit browsers, can
anybody confirm to us if this is true or not? Thanks a lot in advance.


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