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Hi out there.

Please help...It may not be as bad as my lengthy paragraph looks.  Any
help will be greatly appreciated.  

Okay...first let me start by saying I know just enough UNIX to be
dangerous and I am a rookie at cgi scripts.  I have created a unix
shell script called stan2.cgi which will take what somebody has typed
into a form and save that message to a directory (in my case msgs)
on the server and name it stan.msg.  Okay, then I created another script
called retmess.cgi which retrieves that message and displays it on
the web.  Okay, the scripts work here at the development site which is
a Unix Sun Sparc 10 but do not work at the hosting site which
has a Unix Sun Sparc 20.  Both development site and hosting site are
NCSA.  However we are running different server software.  Ours being
Apache and theirs I am not sure.  Anyway, I thought I uncommented all
the neccessary lines in srm.conf file to allow cgi scripts to run.  I
then also rebooted the server so that it would read the conf file with
the updated changes.  Does anybody know why this isn't working.  Any
ideas what I should look for in regards to server software or maybe
it is another problem.  By the way, the hosting site is an INTRAnet.
Also, I double checked to make sure the PQ line was properly directed
to where post-query was residing.  Also, the hosting site does not have
any UNIX mail software loaded on the server in case that matters for
some reason.  Appreciate any help with this....

The stan2.cgi script:

date "+STan's message for: %a. %h %d, 19%y <P>" > $database
$PQ $* >> $database
echo "<HR>" >> $database
echo Content-type: text/plain
echo Thank you, your message has been sent.

Thank you,


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