Please Help a Desperate Person..........

Please Help a Desperate Person..........

Post by Stephan » Wed, 19 Sep 2001 17:26:15


I am trying really hard to do a few things and I am so lost and confused it
isn't funny. I am trying to install PHP. I have installed it but yet it
won't work. .php pages come out as being just that a page that shows the
coding for the php. Help?

I am tring to set up virtual hosting.... I read here and found out I need a
DNS Server so I downloaded the software Bind. Installed it wth very little
difficulty after about 2 hours. Now that it is there I don't know what to do
with it. What is the next step besides configuring httpd.conf which I have
already done? I want to be able to have what I believe to be called virtual
name hosting. EX: Do I need to contact me ISP and do
something with them?

Now I have a big one. My husband deleted a dir... I need to now how to get
it back. It was the httpd dir and I m not sure how to retrieve it. Anyone
have a clue where I can get a generic one?

I am running RedHat 7.0 not sure if that makes a difference and also Apache
1.3.20 hope this helps. I am so lost.

Please help I have been at this for days. I have read the documents I can
find and believe what I need is someone that has done this before. I
appreciate the help so much.



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