Newbie Question

Newbie Question

Post by Marcus Ouime » Wed, 14 Jun 2000 04:00:00

I am a newbie to Apache, I can get around but I don't really know what I am
doing that well yet. Anyways here is my problem:

I have a dedicated server which I did not install the software on. I have
two copies of Apache on the machine (as I installed one with Open SSL and
Mod SSL) My website is up and running and I don't want to*something up
(I can't afford any downtime... well not for more than a few minutes) The
one that is running is in /etc/httpd/conf at least that is where the config
files are ie httpd.conf. The new Apache is in /usr/local/apache/conf What
has to be done to make Apache run in this new directory without screwing
anything up. Or is there a way to install Open SSL and Mod SSL to my old
directory and create a csr?


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Sorry, I'm not a pc idiot, just completely new to linux. I lurked here
for a day or two and didn't see the answer.

Can I run Windows95 in a Linux RedHat 5.2 shell? This would let me play
Linux but still use my favorite apps. I've set it up to dual boot, but I
want to actually run one or two Win95 sessions in Linux itself.

Someone told me it was possible, but in the 4 days of having RedHat on
my system I can't figure it out...

Sorry for the dumb question.


Nick Smeltzer CNE

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