Apache proxy and HTTP header

Apache proxy and HTTP header

Post by Stefan Recknage » Wed, 11 Apr 2001 21:55:46


if I load the headers module and insert this directive

    Header set test testvalue

to my https.conf, a HTTP-Header "test = testvalue" will be added to every
response of the server.

But this works NOT if the Apache works as proxy (with ProxyPass directive).

Is there a possibility to reach this?



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1. apache http proxy - http/1.0 vs http/1.1


I have setup an apache proxy, which seems to work fine. But, I found
out that it doesn't not answer back http/1.1 with a http/1.1 response.
The request comes in as 1.1, but the proxy answer back with 1.0. Is
there some special configuration I need to set in httpd.conf for it
to answer with a 1.1 response?

When I send traffic to the backend machine it will answer with a 1.1
response just fine. We are using the same version of apache for both
the proxy and actual backend server.

Any hints as to what I'm missing? Thanks.


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