Virtual hosts, development platform, Intranet and SSI

Virtual hosts, development platform, Intranet and SSI

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Firstly, I'm new here, so please direct me to a FAQ if you think I can find
the answers I need there.

I've installed Apache on my Win '98 machine and am currently using it so
that I can parse SSI commands on my local system, using it as a development
platform. This works fine at the moment with one site, but I now want to be
able to 'host' more than one development site, checking that SSI and CGI
works before uploading to the main server.

I have attempted to add the <VirtualHost></VirtualHost> lines to the
http.conf file so that I can develop more than one site at a time, but I
cannot get it to work.

I am using Apache 1.3.9 (win32)

Say there are 3 sites which are being developed, firstly, in which file
should each be placed (e.g. htdocs/site1 or htdocs/site1/site2), and
secondly, what should I place between the Virtualhost tags in the
configuration file?

Another problem is that I cannot get the sites to work over a LAN. On the
local machine, http://localhost is typed into the address line in the
browser to view the page, but what should this be on other computers on the
network, or should something be configured differently? Also, is there a
specific way Apache should be set up if it is only serving pages to the
local system?

Sorry for waffling, I'm very new to Apache and have come across these
stumbling blocks.

Jake Gordon


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Have been running 1.2b8 for a intranet and decided to move upto 1.3b2. I
have several name based virtual hosts that have been working under
1.2b8. After compiling and installing 1.3b2 my virtual hosts do not
work. In fact what happens is that even though DocumentRoot and default
server name is different, eg: pointing to /www/default,
Apache 1.3b2 will always take me to the first defined virtual host as if
it's locked to it no matter what virtual host I try to browse. What
gives? Please post and E-Mail.

In /etc/hosts for my machines IP address I have


In ../conf/httpd.conf I have;


DocumentRoot /usr/local/www/virtA
ErrorLog logs/virtA.error.log
TransferLog logs/virtA.access.log


DocumentRoot /usr/local/www/virtB
ErrorLog logs/virtB.error.log
TransferLog logs/virtB.access.log


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