suEXEC/ExecCGI:apache 1.3.1 questions

suEXEC/ExecCGI:apache 1.3.1 questions

Post by Dean Karr » Fri, 14 Aug 1998 04:00:00

I am running apache 1.3.1 with suEXEC enabled -- I think.  Does the
server still tell you at startup that it is configured for suEXEC?  Mine
is not - though I *know* I configured it in.  THe suEXEC code is
correctly compiled and installed.  The config I used was:

./configure --prefix=/var/www/apache_1.3.1 \
            --enable-suexec \
            --suexec-caller=info \
            --suexec-userdir=.www \
            --suexec-uidmin=200 \
            --suexec-gidmin=200 \
            --suexec-safepath="/bin:/usr/bin" \
            --enable-module=cern_meta \
            --enable-module=expires \
            --enable-module=headers \
            --enable-module=info \
            --enable-module=rewrite \
            --enable-module=speling \
            --enable-module=status  \

Anyway, the real queston I have is, does setting the option "ExecCGI"
obviate the suEXEC mechanism?  Should it?  If suEXEC is running and a
script is run from a non-cgi-bin, ExecCGI enabled dir, I imagine that
the ownership of the executable is still that of the controlling server
and not that of the "User".  This seems a bad thing.
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1. suEXEC and ExecCGI

Hello c.i.w.s.u :

 I have just switched over to Apache 1.3.0 from 1.2.6 . Everything seems
to be working OK except suEXEC. I have been using suEXEC successfully
with 1.2.6 on a Sun Ultra 1 workstation.

 I have a CGI generated HTML document with a form that calls "userscript.cgi"
in a user's ~username/public_html subdirectory. The call fails, with this
browser popup window error message:

Netscape:403 Forbidden
You don't have permission to access /~username/userscript.cgi on this server

 The log file /var/log/error_log has this error message:

[error] Options ExecCGI is off in this directory: /home/username/public_html/userscript.cgi

Here's more information:

In srm.conf, I do "UserDir public_html"
In the Makefile, suexec_userdir = public_html

~username/public_html permissions are set to " drwxr-xr-- "

userscript.cgi permissions are set to " -rwxr--r-- "

suexec permissions are set to " -rws--x--x "

 Also - I used the APACI configure script to set up suEXEC instead of
editing suexec.h, compiling, and doing a copy/chown/chmod. Would that
make a difference ?

 Any help gratefully appreciated!

Larry Ching

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