TransferLog directive question

TransferLog directive question

Post by Tomas Pospise » Wed, 06 Nov 1996 04:00:00

> TransferLog     |

try this:

TransferLog     "|"


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1. Apache: TransferLog directive: | to program?


I've seen the docs that say:

    TransferLog [...]

    `|' followed by a command
         A program to receive the agent log information on its standard
         input. Note the a new program will not be started for a
         VirtualHost if it inherits the TransferLog from the main

My question is, is the program started by the pipe held "resident" or is
it started again each time a new entry arrives?

If it is held resident, does it stay that way until the next server

If it does not stick around for multiple entries then can the server get
backlogged with pending log entries?

My problem is that I am looking at logging all requests to a DB.

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