WindDance announces Internet Gateway

WindDance announces Internet Gateway

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WindDance sails in Breeze

                      Server vendor offers plug-and-play product line
for small, remote offices
                      who are looking to add file server capabilities to
their networks.
                      By Tom Venetis

                      WindDance Networks Corp. wants to make installing
and running servers as
                      easy as plugging in a toaster.

                      "I like that analogy," says Tom Johnson,
vice-president of sales and
                      marketing for the Ottawa-based company. "I would
not go to a store,
                      buy a toaster, bring it home and see if I could
find an installer to put it
                      together for me. A toaster is something I stick on
my shelf and it's ready to
                      go. That is the kind of experience we want to have
in this server line."

                      WindDance's Breeze is designed to be a
plug-and-play server that VARs
                      can put into small or remote offices of less than
100 persons. Johnson says
                      offices having more than 100 people usually have
NT-based servers and the
                      necessary IT staff or service contracts to keep
them running. Breeze is made
                      to work in environments where the staff does not
have access to immediate
                      IT skills or support services.

                      "A small company just can't afford that," Johnson
continues. "The solution is to have a box or appliance
                      that has a single purpose."

                      Breeze can be set up in about 15 minutes and
remotely administered through
                      a browser, the company says. It offers file server
capabilities, printer
                      spooling, fax server and a built-in 56K modem so
Breeze can act as an
                      e-mail server, Web server or Internet gateway.

                      This kind of built-in functionality will be
especially useful to VARs who often
                      have clients with remote sites that are too
expensive to get to, suggests Tony
                      McNeill, product manager for WindDance.

                      "The cost of ownership and ongoing maintenance
support is where the real
                      issue is," he continues. "Hardware is falling in
price and the software is pretty
                      good, but the question is how do you keep it all
running? And when I began
                      talking with the government, their biggest issue
was how do they service
                      remote locations. They can't send an NT server to
Upper * Boot
                      Manitoba and then have someone go out there to
service it."

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1. FS: Internet Gateway Server (Departmnetal or Internet Server)

New Internet Gateway Server -Department Server for small businesses or
internet server
                         20-300 Users.

100 % Sparc Compatible SS20 base system with SS20 system board, SS20/71
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GByte 3.5" SCSI-2 hard drive (up to 73 Gbytes), 4 Sbus slots, Built-In
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Package (Netscape Navigator, Eudora, POP2/POP3 server, firewall security
software, IMAP Server, Telnet, ftp, anonymous ftp server,SMPT,
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Administration Tool, System Recovery Tool) Netscape Communications
Server, Mouse, Pizza-Box System Chassis, Cable Set, 644Mbyte internal
SCSI-2 CD ROM         $10,995

Dial up, ISDN or T1 Interface

SS20/81 85 MHz  + $400

SGX 120 8-bit Sbus Graphics Accelerators, GX+, 2Mbyte VRAM, 1280x1024,
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Fast Wide Desktop RAID subsystem with 8MByte cache, built-in 33Mhz Risc
R3000 CPU
pizza box style SS/20 form factor, 6x 1.05 GByte hard drive        

Fast Wide Desktop RAID subsystem with 8MByte cache, built-in 33Mhz Risc
R3000 CPU
pizza box style SS/20 form factor6x 2.1 GByte hard drive SS20 form factor

**Note** All Raid Drives are hot swappable, if one drive fails it can be
replaced without interuption or data loss (great for news and mail
servers) Drives are enhanced by up to 32 MB cache memory, data stored in
the write cache is protected by a battery backup. Optimized for use with
the Solaris OS, easy to use GUI config tool. Supports RAID levels 0,1,3,5
and 6. On RAID levels 1 through 6, if a drive fails, a data rebuild will
occur automatically to a global hot spare drive. Need I say more?

E-Mail for more Info.
Pete Baldwin

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