CGI dependant libs being in 'search path' of the web server

CGI dependant libs being in 'search path' of the web server

Post by Anthony Mullig » Tue, 10 Jun 1997 04:00:00

I am encountering a problem with a perl script, that makes a call to a
db_access lib that was written in C.

The script calls the db_access, which passes form data off, after adding
SQL code, to an oracle Database over SQLNET.

When I run a test script from the unix command prompt, I get a returned
"SUCCESS" message from oracle, but from the browser, I get the boiler
plate html
I have embedded in the script returned, but the retreived oracle data string
is not printed.

I have several ideas as to why. But I am hoping someone might have had a
similar problem before, and be able to point out a definite solution.

The permissions for the script are set up ok, but the db_access lib I am
passing the args to may not be in the server's search path, If that is the
case, how do you add it to the server's search path.

The test script.


$foo =`DBaccess "addorder" "1" "06-06-97" "apples"`;


 content-type: text/html

print $foo;


when run from the command prompt, returns "success".

It may be just that I need to move the content-type header to the very
first line, but I don't think it's that as the <pre></pre> tags can be
seen as output in the browser source code.
It's $foo which is not printed.

Here are some Ideas that someone suggested, that sound possible, if anyone
cares to add anything to the following, it is appreciated.


1. zsh's 'typeset -U path' wipes out path/PATH

I've found a bug (or at best a very perverse "feature") in zsh; it
can be illustrated by the following three short scripts:

# script_A
echo $#path
typeset -U path
echo $#path
# eof

# script_B
source script_A
# eof

# script_C
c_fxn () { source script_A }
# eof

Note that both the contents of script_B and the body of the function
c_fxn defined in script_C consist of the same one line, namely
"source script_A".  Now,

% source script_B
% source script_C

In words, when script_A is sourced within a script that is itself
being sourced, typeset -U path preserves the components of PATH
(or at least their number), but if script_A is sourced within the
body of a *function*, calling the function causes the expression
typeset -U path to *clear* the contents of PATH.

Please-please-please don't tell me this is a feature!  I'd lose
all faith in the designers of zsh if this turns out to be a feature!

More importantly, how does one get around this problem.  I've tried
saving the value of $path before calling 'typeset -U' on it, and
restoring it afterwards, but the results have been disastrous (I've
tried too many variants to describe them all).


NOTE: In my address everything before the first period is backwards;
and the last period, and everything after it, should be discarded.

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