Why won't search engines find our virtual hosts?

Why won't search engines find our virtual hosts?

Post by Brandon Hutchiso » Thu, 13 Jul 2000 04:00:00


We have Apache 1.3.9 running on DECUNIX.
We have some virtual hosts setup but these are not being reported by
search engines we have supposedly registered them with.
The default host (the first in the list) *is* found but not the rest.

Why could this be?  Is it an inherent problem with virtual hosts sharing
one IP address, or is there some way we can configure Apache to overcome
it or....

Thanks for any help

Brandon Hutchison
(New Zealand)


1. Search engines don't find out virtual hosts


We are running Apache on an Alphastation with DECUNIX.

We have set up a couple of virtual-hosts under our default server for an
allied organisation. They complain that they can't get these hosts to be
found by search engines.
Could this be something to do with our Apache configuration (not
*allowing* something) or is it more likely just the way search engines

Our  default host is www.civil.canterbury.ac.nz  and www.sesoc.org.nz is
a virtual host...the ip is

The virtual host block from our httpd.conf file is reproduced at the end
of this message.

I have RTFM but one seems to need to have a pretty good understanding of
it all to glean much from the manual

Thanks for yur help

Brandon Hutchison
Civil Eng. Dept, University of Canterbury


    DocumentRoot /appl/www/web
    ServerName www.civil.canterbury.ac.nz
    ErrorLog logs/error_log
    CustomLog logs/access_log common


    DocumentRoot /appl/www/web/SESOC
    ServerName www.sesoc.org.nz
    ErrorLog logs/sesoc-error_log
    CustomLog logs/sesoc-access_log common

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