New Book: Web Server Technology

New Book: Web Server Technology

Post by Morgan Kaufma » Sat, 04 May 1996 04:00:00

"Web Server Technology:  The Advanced Guide for World Wide Web  
Information Providers" is a new book written by Nancy Yeager and  
Robert McGrath, architects of the award winning NCSA World Wide  
Web service. It explains the important technical details of web  
server operation, such as:  

Performance: Covers measurement of WWW component performance--the  
networks, server hardware, and operating systems--and suggests  
alternative Web server software designs for improving  

Caching: Explains the costs and benefits of mirroring and  
caching Web documents.  

Search: Surveys the Webs current search tools and uses the  
library system as a model layout to illustrate indexing,  
searching, and retrieval techniques.  

Security: Assesses Web security hazards and presents mechanisms  
for combating these vulnerabilities, including an in-depth  
discussion of firewalls.  

Digital Commerce: Analyzes the risks and explains the  
technologies used in a variety of services available for making  
monetary transactions online.  

"Finally, a book that provides a strong overview of the WWW  
technology from a server perspective. This is a tremendously  
useful resource, a must-read for every current of aspiring  
-Tom Boutell, Boutell.Com. Inc., author of the World Wide Web  

"An excellent book for anyone who wants to understand all the  
issues surrounding Web server technology."  
- Ed Krol, author of "The Whole Internet User's Guide & Catalog"  

"Probably the best book available on how to run a Web server.  
Finally, the people who were doing it first have taken the time  
to write about it. Packed full of accurate technical information  
and yet clear enough for a beginner. If there was a class on  
becoming a Webmaster, this would be the textbook."    
-Eric Bina, Netscape, codeveloper of NCSA Mosaic  

1996; 407 pages; paperback; ISBN 1-55860-376-X  

For more information contact Morgan Kaufmann Publishers  

phone: 800-745-7323 / 415-392-2665  
fax:   415-982-2665  


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this week a new book covering the technical foundations of the world
wide web will be released by springer-verlag. the reader is provided
with a detailed overview of the most important technologies of the
web (including URI/URL, HTTP, SGML, HTML, CSS, XML, and many more),
with special emphasis on the way they interrelate with each other.
with its clear structure, this book can also be used as a reference
work for anyone who works with the different concepts that make up the
complex infrastructure of today's world wide web. further information
about the book, including a detailed table of contents, can be found

currently, there are many books dealing with individual issues, such
as HTML and CSS. however, there is no book covering all aspects of
web technology, providing a handy reference and overview for people
using the web professionally, or for those who are just curious to
know how the web works.

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