Problem setting r->connection->user with new cookie auth module

Problem setting r->connection->user with new cookie auth module

Post by Hans Svensso » Sun, 04 Jan 1998 04:00:00


I'm working on an Apache module for authentication using cookies. This
far I have managed to read a cookie and look up a username in a table.
However, setting the r->connection->user to this value doesn't affect
anything. While trying to access a protected directory I get a message
"Document contains no data" and in the log file I see the value of
remote_user is "-". Would anyone familiar with writing authentication
modules like to take a look? Is there some good documentation out there
about the Apache C-API and how it all works?

I've set up a page for my new module at

Best Regards


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Am using on the only the "check_access" handler and would like to
change/set the r->connection->user value. I've tried setting it as
follows but does not seem to work.
    char *username = "TestUser";
    r->connection->user = username;

I'am  testing the setting by calling the snoop servlet on tomcat and
checking the Remote User value.

All of the example modules I've seen (including mod_digest, etc) do this
in the "check_auth" handler. So, wondering if one can change the user
name in "check_access" handler. If so, am I missing something?

Help help would be appreciated


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