COMMERCIAL: Beta testers wanted for Linux secure web server.

COMMERCIAL: Beta testers wanted for Linux secure web server.

Post by Joel Ka » Mon, 21 Aug 1995 04:00:00

        *Plus is looking for qualified companies to participate in the
beta testing of its forthcoming secure web server software for Linux.

        The following is a quick summary of the qualifications beta testers
must meet:

        1) Must be reasonably familiar with Linux and presently running at
least one Linux system permanently connected to the Internet.

        2) Must presently be running a WWW server (not necessarily on a
Linux machine). If the server is not an SSL server, you must already be
seriously considering upgrading to a secure server within the next three

        3) Have or be willing to purchase a key signature certificate.

        4) Agree not to disclose details about the software until the end of
the beta testing period.

        5) Not use the software commercially in the United States unless they
obtain a commercial RSAREF license from RSA.

        Beta testers will receive in return free use of the software during
the beta testing period and be able to purchase the release version of the
software for $500.

        For more information including the full requirements and


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