Web+ : Web to Database Middleware, Web Application Development Tool for Unix

Web+ : Web to Database Middleware, Web Application Development Tool for Unix

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If you want an easy to learn, easy to use, powerful, flexible,
multi-platform web to database integration tool, you should definitely
try out TalentSoft's Web+ (http://www.talentsoft.com).  Using Web+,
all you need to know is HTML and a little Basic programming language,
you'll be able to build advanced web applications withing hours even
if you have no experience in CGI before!!!  

Web+ is the only web to database connectivity tool that supports mixed
platforms (mixing Windows NT/95 and Unix).  With Web+, you can connect
your Unix/Linux (or NT) based web servers with NT/Win95 based databases
such as Access, dBase, FoxPro, Paradox, etc.

TalentSoft Web+ is a powerful web-based application development tool for
database integration, file i/o, CGI generation, Java integration, and
email integration. It is a development tool dedicated for creating
web-based client-server applications without writing low-level CGI

Web+ enables rapid/easy creation of highly functional web pages which
integrates with databases, file systems, email, and your legacy
applications. Developing web-based applications using Web+ eliminates
the need for CGI programming in a traditional programming language like
Perl, C/C++, Visual Basic, or Delphi.

Web+ applications are written in a high-level Web+ Markup Language
(WML), which is a combination of the standard HTML tags and the standard
Basic Programming Language. Anyone who is familiar with HTML and Visual
Basic programming will be able to develop web-based applications using
WML in less than an hour.

You can use Web+ on Unix to access your MS SQL Server (or Access, dbase,
FoxPro, etc) on WinNT or other databases on Unix by either:
1. installing a Web+ Server on WinNT, this way the Web+ Client on Unix
communicates with the Web+ Server on WinNT using TCP/IP sockets, or
2. installing both Web+ Client and Web+ Server on Unix (the same
machine) with a ODBC driver for Linux (this option requires Linux ODBC

The following diagram illustrates the Web+ client/server architecture
and it's middleware nature for web-to-database connectivity:

1. Web Browser  [any hardware/OS]
2. Web Server   [any web server or OS, eg. NT/Unix]
3. Web+ Client  [any OS, eg. NT/Unix]
   (TCP/IP Socket)
4. Web+ Server  [any OS, eg. NT/Unix]
   (ODBC Driver)
5. Database     [any ODBC database, any OS, eg. WinNT]

For more information, contact:
TalentSoft - Talent Information Management, LLC.
Headquarters:     900 Nicollet Mall Suite 700, Minneapolis, MN
Mailing Address:  PO Box 2997, Minneapolis, MN 55402-0997, USA.
Telephone:        (612) 338-8900
Fax:              (612) 904-0010

Web:              http://www.talentsoft.com


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