More crazy policies from Netscape/Verisign

More crazy policies from Netscape/Verisign

Post by Jon Zee » Fri, 24 Nov 1995 04:00:00

The latest news from Netscape (I guess they finally figured out how to send
us email) is:

Quote:> The new feature that will ship in all future versions of Netscape
> Navigator 2.0 verifies not only the digital signature of the
> certificate but also compares the host name in the signed
> certificate to the host name in the URL being accessed.  If these
> strings do not match, the Netscape Navigator displays a dialog
> ...
> you have three options:
> ...
> 3.  Apply for a new digital ID from VeriSign at the cost of $95

One needs to consider this along with Versign's response when we tried to
use *  They said no and only gave us www*  
What this does is*things up for people doing virtual host
activities.  Doing a reverse lookup might make sense, but according to
Netscape's comments this isn't what they are doing and this will break
things like CNAMEs (where is a CNAME for  
The last things we need are more messages to scare users and more
crazy interactions between Netscape and Verisign.  Caused us 4 days of
downtime and 8 hours of work last time...  At best, it looks like they want
$95 and more of our time this time.  

I can't recommend that anyone buy Netscape's server.

Quote:> This change will be
> implemented in the third beta version of the Netscape Navigator
> 2.0 which is scheduled for release later today (22 November 1995).

Thanks for plenty of notice...

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